Proposal Planning

3 Things to Think About Before Proposing

"Will you marry me?" handwritten note and engagement ring box hidden in a tree | This is Love Proposal Planning 3 Things to Think About Before Proposing

When it comes to important questions in life, “Will you marry me?” tends to be a high one on that list. If you’re considering popping the question, you should consider a few things first. There are three things to do before you get down on one knee.

1. Make Sure the Answer Will Be “YES!”

This may sound like a no-brainer, but if you’ve ever witnessed a proposal gone bad, you know there’s nothing worse or more awkward than the answer being “No”. While you may want the proposal to be a surprise, you don’t want the idea that the two of you could one day be married to come as a surprise.

Make sure marriage is something you’ve talked about more than once and understand the importance of timing. If your partner had made it clear they want to accomplish certain things before they even consider marriage, proposing prematurely can seem like you haven’t listened to or respected their wishes. No matter how excited you may be to propose, be confident that your partner is on the same page as you before you pop the question.

2. Saving for the Ring

Once you’re positive you want to propose and are confident your partner will say yes, the next step is saving for a ring. First, start by figuring out what kind of ring your partner wants. You should have a clear idea of their preferred cut, setting, style, and metal. Second, know how much you should spend on an engagement ring and set a realistic budget. Lastly, save! If you’re on a tight timeline, make sure you have extra savings. Life has a way of throwing unexpected financial curve balls at us at the worst times. Saving for an engagement ring may take longer than expected.

3. Have A Conversation with The People Who Matter

For most, this is a must! Make sure you know and consider everyone your partner would want to be included in the process. While tradition says to ask the father, but your significant other has additional stepparents to consider, only speaking to their father might not be the answer. The last thing you want to do is start your engagement out on bad terms with your future in-laws. Ensure you’re prepared to answer any questions you might get asked.