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5 Things to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring

Hands holding a diamond engagement ring in a jewelry box | 5 Things to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring from This Is Love Proposal Planning

When it comes to planning the perfect proposal, no step is more important than buying your partner’s dream ring, but you may be surprised that buying a ring is a little more complicated than just buying a ring.

1. Measure Their Finger in Secret

Before you drop a pretty penny on your partner’s dream ring, you’ll want to make sure you know their ring size. The possibility of having a ring resized after you’ve purchased it depends on the design of the ring, the material, and how many sizes up or down it’ll need to go. If the band or setting is super intricate then resizing it, especially if it needs to be smaller, might not be possible without losing specific side stones or details. For example, materials like tungsten can’t be resized at all. Because of this, you want to ensure the ring you purchase is as close as possible to your partner’s actual ring size. There are many ways to collect their ring size without them knowing, like tracing one of their rings when they’re not looking or taking one of their rings to a jeweler to size.

2. Buy A Beautiful Ring Box

Go the extra step and buy a pretty ring box to complete the proposal. So many people tend to overlook this step and propose with the box the ring came in, but it’s such a simple touch and affordable way to personalize your proposal even further.

3. Select the Cut and Style

If you’re unfamiliar and don’t have much knowledge of engagement rings, the process can be intimidating. The stone’s cut is probably the most important part of the ring, so make sure you know which cuts your partner loves and which cuts they do not like. You’ll also want to know which metals they prefer (yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum, etc.) and the style they’re seeking (traditional, minimalistic, modern, vintage, etc.).

4. Shop Smart

An engagement ring is a huge purchase so make sure you’re prepared with the information you need to make a smart decision. You’ll want to know a few things before you walk into a jeweler. From the questions a jeweler will ask you to the questions you should be asking. Don’t forget that shopping for a ring online has a lot of perks. Lastly, if you’re opting for a diamond, you’ll want to know all about the four Cs (carat, cut, clarity, and color) so learn how to shop for a diamond before heading to the jewelers.

5. Have A Secret and Safe Place for The Ring

Keeping the ring hidden might not be as easy as you think. If you place it somewhere totally unsuspecting, it could accidentally end up in the trash, and if you put it somewhere super obvious, she could easily find it. Whether it’s keeping it at the jeweler, choosing a family member you trust to keep it, or locking it in a safe-deposit box, there are plenty of options for keeping the ring a secret before the proposal, so make sure you think this through before you have the ring.