Proposal Planning

How To Hide An Engagement Ring When Traveling

Young couple traveling with an engagement ring hidden

Are you planning to travel for your proposal? How exciting! But now, you need to plan how you’ll get that extra sparkly item through security via your carry-on. To avoid any red flags with TSA, we’ve put together a list of things to do if you are heading to the airport with an engagement ring.

Keep it in the box. It’s essential to keep the ring as secure as possible while traveling with it – the cushion or pillow inside the ring box will keep your ring safely in one place.

If you’re concerned, tie a little note to your box that says, “engagement ring inside, please be discreet.” This lays it out plain and simple just in case any issues arise.

Avoid wrapping the box as this might cause a scene with your girlfriend if you are asked to unwrap it or explain the contents.

Place the ring inside a clean sock, pant pocket, or anything that would seem normal for you to have in your bag and try to put that article of clothing at the bottom of your bag. Avoid placing it in with electronics or liquids, as these items are usually the first to be looked at or removed.

Should these ideas not work and ask you to unpack your bag, you will want to make sure your girlfriend is distracted. Ask her to meet you around security and remain calm.

There’s much more that goes into proposing than just finding the perfect ring and getting down on one knee. Everything that makes your proposal plan special relies on ensuring the ring isn’t discovered before it’s time. Try to consider where to hide the engagement ring or plan for travel before you buy your ring to make your plan as seamless as possible.